Each one of us knows what kind of style has or wants so you must know that you already have a predetermined style but the problem must of the time is not a good development of this. Here you will see basic tips for find it. 


1. KNOW YOUR BASICS: by knowing you're basic or types of colors and clothes wear its the beginning point for taking the maximum of it. For example the basic of all basic it's a white blouse so with this you already know you can combined with everything but when it comes to put it on pants or a jacket most of the girls fail. so you have to see you're outfit as a unit of all the garments.  Here are a few ideas

2. UNIQUE AND SPECIALS GARMENTS: the succeed of the outfit most of the times its in the tiny details, like accessories or only a piece of your outfit that stand up for all of it. In my personal opinion i think this is a very good start than having amazing pieces all together in one outfit because then none of each garment will stand up instead you will have a overburden outfit


as you can see in these examples the garments are very stylish but individual not as an outfit. So imagine the dot shirt with a jean and a black jacket. The blouse will be the 'hit' of the outfit but combined it's too much. It's true that you can mix these garments and actually make an incredible look but for beginning until you find you're style the things you like and the things are appropriated wear for you it's important to have these basic concept so you'll be sure of always looking good and chic. 


as you can see in these outfit there's a main garment that makes the whole look amazing, so you need that all the garments in your outfit be unique or special to look chic and classy.

3. ALWAYS DRESS APPROPRIATED FOR THE OCASION: this is one of the most important things in being a fashionable person knowing what really to wear for the occasion. as a girl i can tell all the times i wanted to put something not considered where im going, and actually what it tends to happen its that you can look great but could be too much depending the place you are. The key comes to make the best of a simple or a daily outfit with tiny details, like bracelets, jewelry even a hat or a scarf. 

good vibes, xoxo


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